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In 2017, the 9 musicians came together to form this professional tribute band. Thin White Duke's collective passion and efforts grew out of a strong desire to pay tribute to what they loved most: David Bowie


With a charismatic frontman and Bowie sound-a-like vocalist Aschwin Schreiber, Thin White Duke takes you back to the decades when Bowie dominated the charts and stages around the world.

He is musically supported by several musicians, for example:

Lia Sijberden - backing vocals

Annick Binnendijk- backing vocals

Richard van Leeuwen- drums

Hanneke Kolkman- saxophone


The name Thin White Duke comes from one of Bowie's characters he introduced during his tour promoting the album Young Americans in 1976. A character Bowie played in the movie "The man who fell to earth", based on Thomas Jerome Newton. Thin White Duke combines Bowie's legendary songs with powerful vocals, a roller coaster of flashy guitar solos, rousing bass and drums and the harmonic sounds of the keyboards.

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